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The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs recently set up a taskforce to conduct labour inspections from the 16th to 27th June 2014 in Gantsi and Charleshill area. The purpose of the labour inspections was to establish if there are any cases of child labour in the area. This followed several allegations of employment of children in farms and cattle posts. Ninety-six (96) inspections were conducted during the exercise of which 67 were farms. The inspections found compliance to the law, relatively good. The highest contraventions were for non-compliance with the provisions of Workers’ Compensation (13), followed by Rest days (7) and Sick leave (6). Regarding issues of child labour, children of school-going age were found in two farms. Their parents confirmed that the children were not employed but herded their (i.e. parents) sheep and goats. The Ministry however observed that although the parents claimed that the children were not employed, the type of work that they carry out clearly deprives them of their schooling, their childhood and is harmful to their physical and mental development. The Ministry will engage with relevant stakeholders like Ministry of Education and Skills Development; Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry Of Local Government and Rural Development to jointly establish why the said children are not in school; to sensitise parents about the importance of education and to make efforts to get the children back to school. The Ministry would like to thank farmers for the cooperation during the period of the Gantsi / Charleshill labour inspections and repeat inspections will be done.
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