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IRREGULAR MIGRATION PITSO   The ministry of Labour and Home Affairs hosted Migration Pitso on  29th July 2014 at Maharaja Conference Centre in Gaborone.The objective of the Pitso is to engage stakeholders on strategies towards addressing challenges of irregular migration in Botswana, to raise awareness on effects of illegal migration and to come up with recommendations that would inform a strategy for the management of irregular migration. The Minister of Labour and Home Affairs Mr Edwin Jenamiso Batshu gave a officiated at the event. Click here for Minister's speech.   
      UNLAWFUL CONSFISCATION OR DISPOSESSION OF A PERSON OF THEIR NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs is concerned about incidences in which some people have withheld or dispossessed others of their National Identity Cards without their consent. This has resulted in failure to access services by those dispossessed of their cards. The Ministry wishes to inform the public that such practice is unlawful and any person who dispossesses another of their Identity Card is guilty of an offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding P500.00 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six (6) months or to both. (National Registration Act, CAP. 01:02, Section 18 and 19) The Ministry therefore advises all concerned to refrain from such practices. Batswana are encouraged to report such cases to the relevant authorities and to ensure their identity cards are preserved and safely kept. For any clarification, please contact the Public Relations Unit at 361 1474.  
2014 NATIONAL CRAFT CERTIFICATE RESULTS RELEASED The public is hereby informed that the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs through the Department of Madirelo Training and Testing Centre has released the 2014 National Craft Certificate Examination (NCC) results. Out of a total of 927 candidates who sat for the exams,466 passed while 461  failed.This represents a 50% pass which is a 2% improvement from last year's pass rate of 48%.Out of the candidates who sat for these exams,30 are from Orapa Technical College which is a private instituion,175 from the Brigades and 820 from the Technical Colleges. The results can be viewed at Technical Colleges and Brigades across the country from Tuesday 15 2014.Private candidates can only view their results at Madirelo Training and Testing Centre .
REMARKS BY PERMANENT SECRETARY OF MINISTRY OF LABOUR AND HOME AFFAIRS MR IKWATLHAENG BAGOPI AT THE PRESS BRIEF FOR THE 15TH WOMEN’S EXPOSITION ON 18TH JUNE 2014     Director of Ceremonies Implementing Partners Acting Director, Gender Affairs Department All Media Houses here present Women Entrepreneurs Ladies and Gentlemen   Good morning!   1.         Betsho, I would like to start off by expressing my deep appreciation on the support that we continuously enjoy from the media as a Ministry.   Your ceaseless support is highly appreciated by both the Ministry and the mothers who will be part of the exposition.   2.         It is my honour to inform you about the upcoming 15th National Women’s Exposition which will be held from 23rd – 28th June, 2014 at Fairgrounds Holdings in GaboroneThis event is an imperative milestone in the economic development of this country. As you will all note, this is an event in which we gather women entrepreneurs from all over Botswana to show case their products in an effort to expose them to available markets that is local, regional and international.   3.         Bagaetsho, women continue to be the pillar of all development and as such remain critical and central to development as they start this process at very early stages of livelihood that is, the nurturing of children and moulding of the youth to be responsible citizens.   4.         When women succeed in all life endeavours the family flourish and young ones are assured of good upbringing and education.  When you give a woman you give several other people you cannot immediately see.    5.         Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to further inform you that the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs will not just be hosting the 15th National Women’s Exposition; but will also host the second Northern Region Exposition in September 22nd – 27th, 2014 in Francistown along the same lines and objectives, the exposition has been split into two to ensure as many women as possible are enrolled.   6.         The exposition will be held under the theme; “Women’s Economic Empowerment; Prosperity and progress for all” “Go nonotsha bomme ba bagwebi; Khumo le tswelelopele ya botlhe”   7.         This theme simply points us to the fact that when women are economically empowered, a country is assured of prosperity and success for all. As I had indicated earlier, women remain critical to the building of a nation as they bear the duty of child upbringing including ensuring that such children are well nourished. This, as we can all attest to, requires proper nutrition which can only be adequately met depending on your economic status.   8.         Supporting women entrepreneurship therefore remains central to the development of Botswana, hence this noble initiative. As you may recall, during the 14th National Women’s Exposition which was held last year (2013), a total of 300 women exhibitors participated.   9.         Ladies and gentlemen, it is my delight to inform you that we continue to raise the bar in the economic empowerment of women and have this year increased our enrolment to 350 women entrepreneurs. This is an effort to meet the increasing demand for participation. We are very much cognisant of the fact that more women entrepreneurs would like to participate but we can only take so much. However, my Ministry will continue to make every effort to enrol as many women as resources permit us at any point in time.   10.      The Exposition will start with the Business Forum on 24th June, 2014 at Fairgrounds Holdings where women entrepreneurs will be equipped with Business Management Skills as well as life skills as a holistic approach for sustaining their livelihood.   11.      The Official Opening of the Exposition will be on the 26th June, 2014  by the Honourable Minister of Labour and Home Affairs; Mr. Edwin J. Batshu. The occasion will be graced by Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, and Members of the Diplomatic Community, Captains of Industry, Senior Government Officials and other dignitaries as well as our 200 distinguished exhibitors.   12.      Gates will be open to Members of the Public on the 27th June and entrance is free. Please help us to influence the public to come and buy locally produced products.   13.      I am informed that your respective Media Houses have been invited to the Official Opening and Prize Giving Ceremony and you are further invited for stalls viewing on Thursday 26th June from 1600Hours, where the honourable Minister and other dignitaries will be present.   14.      Director of Ceremonies, may I once again; express my gratitude to all the Media Houses present.   15.      I thank you for listening.  
The Minister of Labour and Home Affairs Honourable Edwin Jenamiso Batshu has left for Geneva, Switzerland on Saturday 31st May 2014 to attend the International Labour Conference. The Conference is held annually in Geneva and it is attended by Government representatives, Employers and Workers representatives. The main tasks of the Conference include to craft and adopt international labour standards i.e. Conventions and Recommendations, supervise the application of the Conventions and Recommendations and to provide a forum for free discussion of social and labour questions of importance.  The annual International Labour Conference began from 28th May and will end on the 12th June 2014. The Minister is accompanied by senior government officials and the social partners (BOCCIM and BFTU) and is will back on Friday 6th June 2014.
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