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Public Notices & Press Releases
MEDIUM GRANTS SCHEME CALLS FOR PROPOSALS The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs in collaboration with the European Union launched the Grants Scheme Calls for proposal. These calls for proposals are geared towards supporting Civil Society Organisations (CSO) to carry out development interventions targeting various communities and supporting policy planning and strategy development. The grants scheme targets specific sectors for cooperation such as Education, Social Services in particular targeting orphans and vulnerable children, Environment, Women Empowerment and Arts and Culture. All potential applicants are invited to submit proposals for Medium Sized Grants. The deadline for submission of applications is 20 October 2016 at 1200hrs. Read through the following documents before applying Guidelines for Applicants - MSG MSG Information sessions Indicators MSG Information Session Proposal and Log Frame The below are forms for Medium Grant Application ANNEX A - Proposal format – MSG ANNEX B - Budget format – MSG ANNEX C - Logical Framework – MSG ANNEX D – Checklist – MSG ANNEX E - Declaration by the applicant – MSG ANNEX F - Declaration by the co-applicant – MSG Annex G - The Applicant – MSG ANNEX H - The Co-Applicant(s) Guidelines for Applicants - MSG For more information please contact Ms Mogametsi Matengwa at 3611486/3611490
200 WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS TO EXHIBIT THEIR PRODUCTS AT DITSHUPO HALL The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairsinvites the general Public to the 17 th Women’s Exposition, which will take place from 1 st to 2 nd July 2016 at Ditshupo Hall in Gaborone. Women’s Exposition is a forum that offers all women entrepreneurs in Botswana an opportunity to showcase their products and services, to share experiences, ideas and skills related to their products and businesses.It also create an enabling environment for all women to come together and learn more about projects and funding as well as to share testimonies of success and failure of their entrepreneurship and discuss a way forward. The theme for this year’s exposition is “Botswana Women At 50: Re Gatetse Pele.” Gates will be opened to the public at 8am and will be closed at 6pm on each day. Admission is free for all!!
PRESS STATEMENT –REVIEW OF THE WOMEN’S ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME The Government of Botswana recognises challenges faced by women and continues to seek better ways to empower them. Government has as such prioritised Women’s Economic Empowerment which forms the basis of their liberation. The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs which is responsible for Gender has been tasked with the Promotion of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. To this end, the Ministry implements the Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme which is aimed at creating jobs and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and income generation. Through active engagement with the Public, the Ministry continues to receive feedback on the Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme. The Public is therefore informed that the Ministry ofLabour and Home Affairs has reviewed the minimum income of beneficiaries from P500.00 to P1 000.00.Financial ceilings remain the same as follows: a) An individual beneficiary will be funded up to One Hundred Thousand Pula (P100 000.00). b) Group of two members will be funded up to Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pula (P250 000.00). c) Group of three or more members will be funded up to Three Hundred Thousand Pula (P300 000.00). d) Community project and Cooperatives with a minimum of 10 members will be funded up to Five Hundred Thousand Pula (P500 000.00). In addition, Application Forms have been translated into Setswana and will be available to Members of the Public. The above changes will effect from 1 st July, 2016 .
Empowerment of Non State actors Programme
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