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Dispute Resolution Unit
Guides-reporting process

Do you have a grievance, dispute or have been terminated from employment?

Here is what to do…….


  1. Take your Omang and visit any District Labour Office.
  2. At the reception, ask for any Labour Officer.
  3. You will be given a referral form to complete, where necessary with the assistance of any labour Officer.
  4. After completing the form, hand it to the officer.
  5. The officer will check the form before registering the matter or case.
  6. The Officer will then inform the complainant of the dates for mediation and the mediator who will preside over the case.
  7. The complaint will serve the other party with the referral form.
  8. You will be advised to bring any supporting documents during the mediation hearing.
  9. During mediation you can appear in person or to bring a representative of your organization.
  10. The mediator shall attempt to resolve the dispute referred to him/ her within 30 days.

When the mediator has failed to settle your matter, she / he/ issues consent for referral to arbitration if both parties consent or issue a certificate of failure to settle for the matter to be referred to the Industrial Court. 

Are you not satisfied with the mediation process?                        

Here is what you can do….


  1. Upon Registration of the matter for arbitration, an acknowledgement letter and guidelines to arbitration is issued to both parties.
  2. Both parties will be advised to submit to the office any documents that support the Disputes.
  3. After date of hearing is confirmed parties will be notified of the assigned arbitrator, venue and time of the arbitration hearing of the matter.
  4. During arbitration you can appear in person or representative of your organization, legal representation is also permitted.
  5. The arbitrator shall attempt to resolve the matter referred to him / her within 30 days.
  6. A party aggrieved by the decision of the arbitrator may appeal against such decision to the Industrial Court within 14 days of the arbitrators  decision and  such  appeal shall lie only in respect of a decision:

            (a)   To join a party to the arbitration proceedings or

            (b)   Concerning the jurisdiction of the arbitrator to make an award.

Dispute Resolution at your service                                             

Knowing your labour laws will help understand your labour rights. Dispute Resolution is there to help you with Labour Laws.

  • Disputes are registered
  • Disputes are resolved
  • Employees and employers are inducted in Labour Laws
  • Information of registered cases is compiled from District Labour Officers and submitted to Headquarters.
  • Insurance of sound Industrial Relations and protection of Labour Laws.
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Arbitration Stages

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