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Ministry of Labour & Home Affairs (MLHA)

ADJUSTMENT OF MINIMUM WAGES FOR 2014/2015 The public is hereby notified that the Minimum Wage Rates for 2014/2015 have been adjusted as published in the Botswana Government Gazette, Statutory Instrument No. 60 of 2014, dated 30th May 2014. The new adjustments take effect from 1st June 2014 and are as follows:

Trade /industry
1. Building, Construction, Exploration and Quarry Industries P4.86 per hour
2. Wholesale Distributive Trade P4.86 per hour
3. Manufacturing, Service and Repair Trades P4.86 per hour
4. Hotel, Catering and Entertainment Trades P4.86 per hour
5. Garage, Motor Trade and Road Transport P4.86 per hour
6. Retail Distributive Trade P4.32 per hour
7. Watchmen employed  in the above Industries and Trades or any sector thereof P4.10 per hour
8. Security Guards employed by security companies P4.86 per hour
9. Domestic Service Sector P2.70 per hour
10. Agricultural Sector P550 per month

Employers in the above listed trades/industries should therefore ensure that they do not pay their employees below the stipulated new minimum wage rates. Failure to do so will be a violation of Section 138 of the Employment Act, Cap. 47:01 and punishable in terms of section 151 (d) of the same Act. For any clarification contact Department of Labour and Social Security on 3611500 or Toll free number 0n 0800 600 777.

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