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ministry of Labour & Home Affairs (MLHA)
The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs has officially handed over the Department of National Internship Programme to the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture. The ceremony was held in Gaborone at President Hotel on the 31 March 2014. The handing over is a procedure to marks a quantum leap in the Government’s efforts to streamline its processes for improved service delivery hence the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture is strategically placed to effectively pursue youth development related issues. When delivering the speech, the Honourable Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Mr. Edwin Jenamiso Batshu said that Youth unemployment has become a threat to the social, economic and political stability of this nation and that it is for that reason that the challenge posed by youth unemployment will continue to be given strategic and urgent attention by Government. “The government has, over the last decade, set in motion a range of policies and programmes to address youth unemployment.” He said. “The key thrust of these initiatives has been to enhance economic development by way of attracting international investment, and the support for small and medium micro enterprises.” He continued. The Department of National Internship Programme (DNIP) was founded in August 2008 to develop and transfer skills for youth employability and providing a seamless integration of graduates into the economy. The Honourable Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Mr. Shaw Kgathi received the Department of National Internship Programme and thanked the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs for the good development of the programme thus far and pledged to continue the hard work. Currently, the programme has 4133 Interns, of which 2238 are in the Public sector, 1051 in the Private sector, 656 in Parastatal organisations and 188 are in NGOs.
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