Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP)

The sale of common user goods by offering them up for bids, taking bids and then selling them to the highest bidder.

2. How does one obtain the service?

Public auctions are publicized through mass media.

3. How does one apply for the service?

This service is only open to citizens of the Republic of Botswana.

Participants are required to register at 0730hrs and auction starts at 0830hrs.

4. Costs involved on obtaining service


5. Where can one get more information?

· Only CASH payments are allowed and should be made on the day of auction. Cheques are not acceptable.

· Two (2) days is allowed for collection of purchased items.

Only Botswana citizens are eligible to participate.

Participants are required to produce identity card (Omang) at the point of sale.

Days of Sale at Depots:

Gaborone -      Auction sales are held on a weekly basis every Monday. 

Francistown -   Auction sales are held fortnightly on Mondays. 

Tsabong-          Auction sales are held last Thursday of every month.   

Kasane-           Auction sales are held last Thursday of every month. 

Gantsi-             Auction sales are held last Thursday of every month. 

Maun-              Auction sales are held last Thursday of every month.

The actual days of sale are publicised and therefore any changes will be communicated or contact the following:

Gaborone: Depot Manager

                 Gaborone West Industrial

                 Maakgadigau Road

                 Plot 14412/14414

                 P. O. Box 80


                 Tel: 3922839

                 Fax: 3922822

Francistown: Depot Manager

                    Area G

                    Plot no. 2960

                    Private Bag F2


                    Tel: 2142195

                     Fax: 2415065

Kasane: Depot Manager

             Plot No. 740/743

             Nyugwe Street

             Private Bag K10


           Tel: 6250285

           Fax: 6250287

Maun: Depot Manager

          Plot no. 126/127

          Kwena Road

          Boseja Industrial Site

          Private Bag 168


         Tel: 6860619

         Fax: 6860621

Ghanzi: Depot Manager

            Plot No.436/437/440/441

            Industrial Sites

            P.O. Box 371


           Tel: 6596202

           Fax: 6596206


Tsabong: Depot Manager

               Plot 34/38

               Veda/ Tsabong Road

                Private Bag 15


               Tel: 6540267

               Fax: 6540268

Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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