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Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism (MEWT)
Application for Environmental Impact Assessment Clearance

1. Service Description

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process and technique used to predict and evaluate the environmental consequences of human development activities and to plan appropriate measures to eliminate or reduce adverse effects and to augment positive effects.

The following are some of the justifications for conducting an EIA:

  • Ecosystems have a limited capacity (ecological threshold) to absorb and cope with the stress resulting from various human development activities.
  • People who live and work in areas affected by proposed projects have a right to a clean and healthy environment.
  • Elimination or reduction of cultural, social, economic and ecological impacts is usually more costly than preventing them in the first place.
  • Cultural, social, economic and ecological degradation can jeopardize project viability.

2. How do I apply for the service?

To acquire an authorization for Environmental Assessment, one has to follow several steps noted below;

  • Complete and Submit the Project Brief form directly to the nearest DEA offices or by post. Click here to download the form (doc) (pdf
  • The form will be reviewed to check if the project requires a detailed Environmental Assessment study. During review the project may be authorized to proceed without a detailed assessment, or it may be recommended that an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) be developed or an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study or a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to be undertaken.
  • Where detailed assessments (EIA/EMP) have been recommended, developers are expected to engage certified Environmental Practitioners (click here to view a list of certified consultant) to undertake the studies on their behalf at the developer’s expense.
  • A Scoping report and Terms of Reference is required where a detailed EIA has been recommended.
  •  All reports are submitted to DEA for review and approval prior to acquisition of a license or a planning permission. The Scoping report and Terms of Reference should also be approved by the DEA before proceeding to a draft EIA report.

Submission of Scoping Reports and Terms of reference, Environmental Management Plan and Environmental Impact Assessment;

  • Ensure that the numbers of copies submitted are as requested in the previous correspondence from DEA.
  • Hard copies should be accompanied by a soft copy.
  • Reports are submitted directly to DEA offices or by post
  • Scoping Report and Terms of reference  report is reviewed within 28 working days
  • Environmental Management Plan is reviewed within 60 working days. (No Scoping report and Terms of Reference required.)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment/ Strategic Environmental Assessment  report  is reviewed within 60 working days

3. Cost involved in acquiring the service?

Project Brief submission - P10

EIA/EMP/SEA - Cost ranges between P100 and P1500 depending on the cost of the project (development).

4. Where do I get more information?

For more information please enquire through telephone, fax, email or visit the nearest offices


Private Bag 0068, Gaborone, Botswana

Tel: (267) 3902050  Fax: (267) 3902051


1271 Luthuli Road (parallel old Lobatse Road)

Old Industrial Area - Travaglini House Second Floor Office 210


Private Bag F020, Francistown, Botswana

Tel: (267) 2417363  Fax: (267) 2417130

Ntshe House - 1st floor Office 2. 109 and 2. 110


Private Bag 24, Ghanzi, Botswana

Tel: (267) 6596101  Fax: (267) 6596038

Department of Tourism Office building - Office 5 and 7


Private Bag 007, Tsabong, Botswana

 Tel: (267) 6540129  Fax: (267) 6540129

Department of Tourism Office building - Office  7 and 8


Private Bag 0028, Serowe, Botswana

 Tel: (267) 4630174  Fax: (267) 4631307

Old Cooperatives Building, near Traffic Police.


P. O. Box 35, Maun, Botswana

Tel: (267) 6801237  Fax: (267) 6862503 

Light Industrial area - Next to Motovac 

Service Branches:
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