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Ministry of Defence Justice and Security(MDJS)
Issuance of security licence


The Ministry of Defence Justice and Security issues security licences to private security companies.

1. What is a private security company?


A private security company is a for-profit enterprise, sometimes a corporation or a limited liability partnership, which provides armed and unarmed security services and expertise to private and public clients. Private security companies are defined as companies primarily engaged in providing guard and patrol services, such as bodyguard, guard dog, parking security and security guard services. Examples of services provided by these companies include the prevention of unauthorized activity or entry, traffic regulation, access control, and fire and theft prevention and detection. These services can be broadly described as the protection of personnel and/or assets. Other security services such as roving patrol, bodyguard, and guard dog services are also included, but are a very small portion of the industry.


Application for a private security licence process.


·       Legal framework

Control of Security Guard Services CAP 21:07.

Employment Act CAP 47:01

Workers Compensation Act No.23 of 1998

Trade Disputes Act, 2003


How do I apply for the Private security licence?



(1) Every application for a licence to be issued or renewed shall be in writing, in such form as the Controller may from time to time require, and shall be lodged with the Controller together with-

       (a)    a statutory declaration made by the applicant or, where the applicant is a partnership or a company registered in accordance with the Companies Act, by each partner or director thereof, as the case may be, disclosing whether he has or has not any convictions within or outside Botswana and whether criminal proceedings are or are not pending against him within or outside Botswana and, if he has such convictions or such proceedings are pending against him, the particulars thereof;

       (b)    any further written information required for the purposes of this subsection by regulations;

       (c)    the prescribed fee; and

       (d)    in the case of an application for a licence to be renewed, the licence.

How much does it cost?

The following fees shall be paid to the Controller:-

P300 in respect of an application for the issue of licence;

P200 in respect of an application for renewal of a licence;

P100 in respect of an appeal to the Minister against the decision of the controller.


For how long is it valid/Period of validity of the licence?

A licence issued under these regulations shall, unless previously be cancelled or surrendered, be valid for 12 months from the date it was issued.

How do I renew the Private Security licence?

 Application to the controller has to be made in a form that may be prescribed and every application must accompanied by the fee prescribed in regulation 15.

1.   Application has to me made 2 months prior to the expiry date.






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