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Ministry of Defence Justice and Security(MDJS)
Ministry staff learns sign language
The  Botswana Association of the Deaf (BOAD), trains MDJS staff

The Botswana Association of the Deaf (BOAD), trains MDJS staff

The  Botswana Association of the Deaf (BOAD), a non-profit Organization whose aim is to advocate on issues and welfare of the Deaf people in  Botswana today offered training to Ministry of defence justice and Security staff members. The facilitators comprised of Mr. Japhet Moyo, the  President of the association , and Mr. Thebeetsile Majaku, Ms Shirley Keoagile  who is an educator, The BOAD Public Relations Officer; Mr. James Keabile


BOAD introduced to MDJS staff basic sign language training. The training is geared to all those who wish to know the joy and understanding of sign language, an issues affecting Deaf people.

In closure of the training Ms. Shirley Keoagile emphasis it is very important that people should learn sign language as failure to do so contributes to communication breakdown and misinterpretation. She said it is important that every Motswana should be on top of issues when it comes to issues of HIV/AIDS, Poverty Eradication, Educational and health policies to avoid confusion that comes as a result of lack of knowledge. She said learning the language will do away with communication barriers hence contributing to living in love and in harmony.

She also said sign language involves the use of physical appearance of an individual not to embarrass or disrespect that particular individual but for the communicators’ to get an idea of the person they are talking about.


Sign language is a medium of communicating your thoughts and ideas through the facial expressions, hand shapes and finger spellings. The linguistic and grammatical structure of the sign language is independent and includes pragmatics, semantics and syntax. Sign language requires the right combination of movements, orientation, head movements, eye-gazes and hand-shapes to convey the message effectively.


Users of the Sign Language:

Most prominently sign languages come to the aid of the deaf and the dumb people. Sign language is most useful in lip reading and means of communication. Sign language is also used by the interpreters who translate spoken language to the people or family members who have a hearing disability or a speech disorder across all ages. Sign language is used in various fields like in the news channels meant for the deaf and the dumb community.

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