Ministry of Defence Justice and Security(MDJS)
Response to an article
                                                  04th March 2014     “GOV’T REJECTS VILLAGERS’ REQUEST TO NAME POLICE STATION AFTER TSHEKEDI KHAMA” (SUNDAY STANDARD MARCH 04, 2014)




The Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security would like to respond to an article titled GOV’T REJECTS VILLAGERS’ REQUEST TO NAME POLICE STATION AFTER TSHEKEDI KHAMA, published in the Sunday Standard (March 2 – 8, 2014 edition) and authored by Reuben Pitse.

The Ministry wishes to put on record that the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Honourable Dikgakgamatso Ndelu Seretse never received a request for audience, nor did he meet any delegation supposedly sent by residents of Palapye appealing for their Police Station to be named after Tshekedi Khama as reported by the Sunday Standard. 

It must however be noted that the Minister met with Bogosi on              May 10th, 2012 at the Palapye Kgotla where this matter was discussed.  The Minister did indeed inform Bogosi that current government policy was to name police stations in accordance with their geographical location.   At present, consultations between the Ministry, the Palapye Tribal Administration, the Botswana Police Service as well as other Government organs are on-going. 

The Ministry is aware and acknowledges the pivotal role that Tshekedi Khama played in paving the way to modern day Botswana, and has shared the Palapye Tribal Administration’s request to ensure that his role and memory is commemorated accordingly.

We therefore spurn the assertion that the Minister received and rejected a request by a delegation sent by the people of Palapye and demand an immediate retraction by the Sunday Standard.  Such statements are not in any way trivial, but have the potential to create rifts between the Ministry and the people of Palapye.  It is evident that the reporter made minimal efforts to research the issue, failed to consult the Ministry and thereafter truncated and forced his findings to meet his apparent agenda which is to cast negative aspersions on the Ministry.  We once again call upon the media to do the necessary research to prevent printing sensational untruths which, once printed, effectively propagate negative public opinion thereafter.

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