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Ministry of Defence Justice and Security(MDJS)
Parliment Passes the Anti-human Trafficking Bill No.14 of 20...
Parliment Passes the Anti-human Trafficking Bill No.14 of 2014

Parliment Passes the Anti-Human Trafficking Bill No.14 of 2014

While presenting the bill before Parliment,the minister of Defence,Justice and Security Hon.dikgakgamatso Ndelu Seretse said trafficking in persons ,especially wpmen and children has over the years ,become a serious crime,threatening the security of countries in the world.

It has been refered to as as a new form of slavery that disrupts families and communities and threatens human security and dignity.According to Trafficking in Persons (TIP) in persons reports ,victims of human trafficking are routinely used in forced or bounded labour of all sortd  including being drug mules ,child soldiers,child phonography and prostitution.

It has also been linked to severe atrocities such as organ harvesting and extreme abuse of human rights.

Anti-Trafficking Bill (No 14 of 2014)

Is an act to give effect to the united nations Protocol to Prevent ,Suppress and Punish trafficking in persons; to provide for prohibition ,prevention and combating of human trafficking ,to provide for measures to protect and assists victims of trafficking in persons and other matters incidental thereto.

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