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Ministry of Defence Justice and Security(MDJS)
The Governance,Safety and Security thematic Working Group
The Governance,Safety and Security Thematic Working Group Meeting


The Governance,Safety and Security Thematic Working Group Meeting

The Ministry of Defence,Justice and Security as the chair of the Governance,Safety and Security Thematic Working Group (TWG)hosted the Project Review Meeting on Wednesday 15th  October 2014.The following departments were represented at the meeting:

Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security Headquarters          
Botswana Police Service              
Prisons and Rehabilitation              
Botswana Defence Force              
Attorney General’s Chambers              
Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism           
Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs             
Industrial Court               
Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology           
Administration of Justice              
National Strategy Office              
Directorate of Intelligence and Security            
Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime           
Directorate on Public Service Management             
Botswana Public Service College             
Botswana National Productivity Centre
Independent Electoral Commission             
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation         
Auditor General               
Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development          
Ministry of Transport and Communication

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