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Ministry hosts press brief


The Minister of Defence ,Justice and Security Hon Dikgakgamatso Ndelu Seretse adressed a Media Briefing on issues of canvassing votes in the Botswana Defence Force following frequent discussions on local newspapers and radio stations on the 18th March 2014.

The minister made it clear that no Botswana defence Force member should be seen to be actively involved in partisan politics.He said like the police and all uniform officers were distinct in profession and therefore should be careful on issues of partisan politics.

He also said the territorial intergrity and safety of the nation depends on the professionalism of the BDF members who should not in anyway be active in partisan politics.

The minister said military installations cannot be usedb as open forums for partisan politics as this can be dangerous to the territorial  intergrity of the nation they serve.

Minister Seretse said the BDF barracks were military installations listed under the Protected Areas Act and should be respected as such.

He called on th e politicians to respect they laws that have been made and not act against them.He said in some cases giving an example of the Commander,he is at liberty to make guidelines that have to be followed in the camps and people have to ensure that they abide.

He finally said its upon the members of the BDF to work as a unit to achieve one goal thus to protect this nation.

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