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Ministry of Defence Justice and Security(MDJS)
Minister addresses Ba- Ga- Malete in Ramotswa
  The Minister of Defence ,Justice and Security Hon.Dikgakgamatso Ndelu Seretse addressing a kgotla meeting in Ramotswa.

The Minister of Defence ,Justice and Security Hon.Dikgakgamatso Ndelu Seretse addressing a kgotla meeting in Ramotswa.


Minister of Defence, Justice and Security Hon. Dikgakgamatso Ndelu Seretse says involvement in crime prevention strategies is an individual’s responsibility. Addressing a Kgotla meeting on the 2nd September 2013 in Ramotswa Main Kgotla, the Minister said this responsibility should not solely rely on the Police but requires the nation’s full participation and involvement. The Minister said everyone knows their setbacks and it is upon an individual to be responsible enough to strive to  take themselves up  out of the situation they find themselves in. He said loitering and  walking around at night after drinking too much alcohol makes people vulnerable and prone to attract criminal effects to their lives  saying individual’s become subject to being victims of pickpocketing, rape, beatings and even death.

Furthermore, the Minister said having the spirit of volunteerism within, will enable people to cooperate and work together without eyeing a reward in return. He encouraged Balete to participate in crime prevention bearing in mind that by doing so they would achieve satisfaction and make somebody out there happy. He said Mophato supersedes the police therefore they are there to serve the nation and should practice within the dynamics and changes of today. He said if Mophato is to be engaged it has to be in collaboration with the police.

In conclusion the Minister touched on the resuscitation of the Tirelo sechaba which will target the youth and spread to the nation at large. He explained that the initiative is still undergoing scrutiny and will be rolled out in due time. He added that the whole aim of this initiative is to come up with a well-grounded Motswana who is responsible enough and enlightened to prevent criminal activities.He also emphasised that  having a nation that protects itself will lead to cost recovery and the funds spent on crime prevention will be diverted to crucial sectors such as education and health.

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