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Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development (MIH)
Project Implementation Services

Whenever a need arise to develop new offices or residential accomodation for any government department DBES will mobilize resources to plan, design, construct such accomodation. The activity loop may or may not start with procuring various consultants, but will always involve procuring building contractors. 

How do i obtain services?

Project Implementation services is simply obtained by contacting, through savingram, or the director of DBES and instructing the department to provide the required accomodation. The instruction to proceed with the project shall also confirm availability of funding, land, scope of works for the project.

How do i apply for the service?

  • Complete Preliminary Brief for Proposed Project form and submit to your nearest DBES Office
  • DBES will issue acknowledgement of receipt Savingram to the potential client.
  • Client is to demonstrate proof of funds, availabilty of land and scope of works before instructing DBES to proceed.

Costs involved in obtaining service?

The department does not charge any fees to provide implementation services to other government department. However, when consultants are required to design and supervise construction works, consultancy fees are included in the project funds and borne by the government ministry or department.

How can i find more information?

Interested parties are encouraged to visit www.mist.gov.bw to learn more about the Department and its overall mandate.

Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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