Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development (MIH)
Maintenance Services

Service Description

All government owned buildings, residential or office accommodation, goes through normal ware and tare. Whenever this happens DBES mobilize resources to attend to any faults or defects noted in any building. The department is also expected to repair these building before things start falling apart.

How do i obtain services?

Maintenance of buildings is simply obtained by contacting, predominantly by telephone, the area manager from a relevant DBES Depot (26 in total) to log faults or defects. The department will issue a job card and assign personnel and funds to repair the faults or defect.

How do i apply for the service?

There is no specific application form that a government department is required to complete in order to access maintenance services from the department.

Costs involved in obtaining service?

The department does not charge any fees to provide maintenance services to other government department. However, when minor works or rehabilitation works are required government ministries or department are notified of the cost so as to make funds available for the project.

How can i find more information?

Interested parties are encouraged to visit to learn more about the department and its overall mandate.

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Service Branches:
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