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Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development (MIH)


The Ministry of infrastructure, Science and Technology held a successful Science and Technology Pitso on 08 September 2011. As anticipated, most of the stakeholders invited from both government, private and academic sectors attended.  Some members of parliament including the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly also graced the Pitso.

When officially opening the Pitso, the Honourable Minister of Infrastructure, Science and Technology Mr Johnie Swartz said the Pitso fulfills one of the mandates of his Ministry, being one that relates to serving as a regulatory body for the use of nuclear technology and coordinating Research, Science and Technology. He therefore emphasized that the aim of the Pitso was “to provide a platform for interaction with stakeholders on policy and future developments in the Science and Technology arena and other issues that can enhance its contribution to economic growth.  The importance of science and technology as a tool in addressing emerging challenges such as food security, environmental degradation, poverty and health cannot be overemphasized and therefore a critical factor in development.”

He also called upon all stakeholders to join hands in taking Science and Technology research in this country to the next level, “It is therefore imperative to use whatever scientific and technical knowledge at our disposal but at the same time generate knowledge that is unique to our specific circumstances/environment. This requires concerted efforts by all stakeholders. It is for this reason that we are all gathered here today to facilitate a common understanding on inclusive participation of all stakeholders in the implementation of the Research, Science, Technology and Innovation policy, in particular to articulate the role of government, academia and private sector - the so called “Triple Helix’’ in Research and Development.”

After numerous and informative presentations and exchange of views, the Pitso ended with a launch of Botswana’s Science and technology research status report, and a draft summary of Botswana’s Revised National Policy on Research, Science, Technology and Innovation and an Implementation Plan.

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