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Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development (MIH)
Minister Swartz Calls on Contractors to Finish Their Project...

Minister Swartz Calls on Contractors to Finish Their Projects In Time…..

The Minister of Infrastructure, Science and Technology recently visited the Revenue office block in Selibe Phikwe, Mmadinare Senior Secondary School Sewer Ponds in Mmadinare, the Francistown Stadium and the Francistown International Airport Projects. During the two day tour of these on-going projects, which began on 14 July 2011 and ended on 15 July 2011, the Minister emphasized that government desires that all projects be finished in time and on budget without compromising quality.

The Selibe Phikwe Revenue office Block and Staff Houses are about 98% complete. This is a project that was initially valued at P26 876 269.10 but now stands at about P40m. Part of the reason for this has been the variation of desirables as requested by the client Ministry (Ministry of Finance and Development Planning). The variation which was a result of new desires that needed to be added to the project contributed to the delay in the initial completion date of October 2010. The outstanding work that is still being attended to includes amongst others, the construction of banking hall counters, supply of banking trolleys, construction of public and staff entrance security cubicles, CCTV installations, BPC and BTC connections. The project is due for completion by end of August 2011. The Minister emphasized that the contractor should meet this deadline as agreed.

The construction of the Mmadinare Senior Secondary School sewer Ponds was completed on 27 May 2011, at a total sum of P31 227 895.70. The Minister made a stopover at the completed sewer ponds to appreciate how the pond was like after his earlier visits to the site during the construction stage.

In Francistown, the Minister toured the Francistown International Airport and the Francistown stadium. At the airport, the Minister was promised that the project should be ready for handover by July 31, 2011. The project is almost complete. It awaits minor attention there and there and final certification by DBES Technical Team. The Minister emphasized that the consultants and the contractor should make sure that the project is in good quality and ready for hand over on the anticipated date of 31 July 2011.

As for the Francistown Stadium, the Minister was informed that two major issues were outstanding, being the soccer pitch and the athletics track. The two are currently being attended to. The Minister expressed concern that the completion of this project has been delayed for some time and the people of Francistown and Batswana in general were getting impatient. The Mayor of Francistown, Mr Shadreck Nyeku, who was also present with his councilors, echoed the Minister’s concerns and wanted to be given a date of when the Francistown stadium will be ready. The response from the contractor was that they expect to complete the project by March 2012.

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