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Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development (MIH)
MIST Holds Open Day
  MIST Holds Open Day

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology (MIST) held its first open day at Lemepe Sorghum Milling Plant in Pitsane, from 17th – 18th September 2010 (9:00am to 16:30pm). The event was open to the public and aimed at raising awareness about the Ministry’s products and services. The event also included an official opening and handover of Lemepe Sorghum Milling Plant by The Minister Hon. Johnie K. Swartz to the proprietor.

The first day (17 September 2010) of the Open day constituted mainly of officially handing over of the Lemepe Sorghum Milling Plant by the Hon. Swartz, a plant that was designed, engineered and installed by the Rural Industries promotions Company (Botswana) – RIPCO (B), a parastatal under the portfolio responsibility of MIST.  The Minister and his delegates then had the opportunity to view stalls of the different departments and parastsals. This was also a day when RIPCO (B) received a certification from the Botswana Bureau of Standards.
The second day was an exhibition day aiming at creating an opportunity for members of the public and invited guests to view products and services provided by the Ministry’s departments (Corporate Services, Research Science and Technology, Building and Engineering Services and Radiation Protection Inspectorate) and parastatals (Rural Industries Promotions Company (Botswana) – (RIPCO (B) , Botswana Technology Centre  (BOTEC) and Botswana Innovation Hub).

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