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Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development (MIH)


The Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology (MIST) in collaboration with Ministries of Lands and Housing (MLH), Transport and Communications (MTC), Local Government (MLG), and Minerals, Energy and Water Resources (MEWR) will on October 06, 2011 host a Construction Pitso at the GICC. The theme of the Pitso will be “Constructing the Economy Through Strategic Partnerships.”

The aim of the Pitso is to dialogue with major stakeholders in the construction industry on how government and private consultants and contractors can help develop the industry. It has been observed in the recent past that government has not been happy with the performance of most consultants and contractors doing government projects. There have been problems of many projects going far beyond the original completion date, exceeding the initial budget in the process and at other times falling far too short of the expected quality.

Government decided to respond by introducing some penalties for companies that do not do a proper job. These penalties include charging companies that fail to stick to contractual obligations if found guilty and having companies that do a poor job blacklisted and removed from the list of those to be considered for future government jobs. The consultants and contractors who from time to time are engaged by government also have some issues against government. In some cases they say payments for work done are processed late and that at times there are variations which occur when the project is in progress and that this delays project completion.

These and more issues will be thrashed at the Pitso. The five government Ministries decided to co-host the Pitso because all of them are involved in the construction of government facilities like buildings, dams, roads and others. The other aim is for government to have common practices, standards and requirements for contractors and consultants doing government work. The Pitso will also provide an opportunity for government and the construction industry to look back at the previous construction Pitsos and review what has been achieved so far and even chart the way forward.

About 300 delegates are expected to grace the Pitso. Honourable Minister Johnie Swartz of Infrastructure, Science and Technology will deliver the Official opening speech, while senior government officials and other officials from the parastatal and private sectors will make presentations on the state of the construction industry in Botswana and suggest ways of moving forward.

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