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Engineers Registration Board Launched
Engineers Registration Board Launched

Engineers Registration Board Launched


The Deputy Permanent Secretary (Corporate Services) in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology, Mr. Jeff Siamisang officially launched the Engineers Registration Board on behalf of the minister, Hon Johnie K. Swartz. The launch was held on 20th, May 2010 at the Ministry Headquarters.


The Engineers Registration Board was created by an Act of Parliament on 16th September 1998 and finally came into force on 1st May, 2009. The Board’s operations, among others, include monitoring activities of engineering profession by providing self regulation of the Engineers in Botswana, in line with the international trends and keep a Register of Engineers. Such registration assures professional standards of education, training and experience to meet the legal requirements of the engineering profession.


Officiating at the launch Mr. Siamisang emphasised that the Engineers Registration Act was never commenced in 1998 because the Engineers Registration Board which was to run the affairs of engineers in Botswana could not be established as there was no provision in the Act for its funding. “My Ministry, which is cited in the Act as the Ministry responsible for administering the Act, spearheaded the Amendment Bill and the enactment of the provision that corrected the anomaly and provided the necessary funding”, said DPS.


Mr. Siamisang acknowledged Botswana Institution of Engineers (BIE) for their contribution in the process of putting together the birth of the Engineers Registration Act and the subsequent setting up of the Engineers Registration Board. He believes that the BIE will continue to be the cornerstone for the supply of engineers to the membership of the ERB.


The Deputy Permanent Secretary said that on 9th March 2010, Hon. Minister Johnie K. Swartz appointed the Engineers Registration Board, in terms of the Engineers Registration Act, Section 20.1 (2) which was subsequently confirmed by the issuance of a Government Gazette Notice No. 208 of 2010, dated 26th April, 2010 announcing the names of all the seven (7) Board Members. He further noted other additional approved Amendments to the Engineers Registration Act relating to the following:

1. Defining the objectives and functions of the Engineers Registration Board, thereby spelling out the specific activities to be done by the Board to improve the image of the engineering fraternity,

2. Empowering the Engineering registration Board to appoint its own Registrar to maintain the register of all engineers in Botswana and

3. Making the Engineers Registration Board a self-regulating body by minimising the direct involvement of the Ministry in the Board’s operations.


In order to make the above a reality, the Board was advised to establish its own Bank Account through which the grant from Government can be routed to the Board in line with Section 21 (3) of the Act.

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