Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development (MIH)
MIST commemorates Month of Youth Against HIV/AIDS
MIST YOUTHS MEET Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology youths attended a youth conference in Maun from 03 to 05 December 2013. These were youths from Ministry Departments and outstations for the purpose of information and skills sharing. The Ministry Youth office annually organise such conferences aiming at bringing cohesion in Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology working youth to build mutual relations and understanding. Besides relations, another intention is to educate them about Ministry mandate, policies, and other Government requirements and controls like curbing corruption in the working place. During the conference some of the topics covered were; team building, resuscitation on Principles of procurement, alcohol and drug abuse as well as MIST youth initiatives.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure Science and Technology through Radiation Protection Inspectorate will hold a workshop to sensitize IAEA member states in Africa to the Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan (INSSP) concept. The workshop will be held at Tlotlo Hotel and Conference Centre from the 27-29 August 2013 and will attract 33 participants from nineteen (19) African countries including Botswana. “The overall objectives of an INSSP are to identify and consolidate the nuclear security needs of an individual State into an integrated document that includes the necessary enhancements to its nuclear security arrangements, as well as to provide a customized framework for coordinating and implementing nuclear security activities conducted by the State concerned, the IAEA and potential donors. “
MIST Construction Pitso 2013
Science and Technology Park launched
Lobatse Sports Complex Ready For Use The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology Mr Dikagiso B. Mokotedi handed over the Lobatse Sports Complex Project’s football pitch on the 8th October 2012. This project was completed and initially handed over to the client Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture in 2010 but after some period it was taken back as there were some areas that needed extensive work on the pitch. Through Investigations on Soil Tests and drainage system were carried out for the Pitch to be redone according to specifications. The grass was expected to have fully grown in a period of six (6) weeks but due to winter it took longer than anticipated. Mr Mokotedi indicated that he is confident that the Pitch is now at the stage that it can be used and perform to the expectations. “The grass should be cut at least every four (4) days, watered and maintained well for it to stay healthy”. He also added that when there are heavy rains, the water will surface like any other pitches and an impact will be seen like in developed countries, further explaining that with time the water will disappear. When handing over the Pitch to the Ministry of Youth Sports and culture, he reminded the sub-contractors to cut the Pitch before the 13th as the National Foot Ball Team “Zebras” will be playing against Mali on the 13th October. The pitch was marked but it will be remarked before the set date of the game. Mr Mokotedi concluded by apologising to the public for the delay caused while completing the Pitch and emphasised that the Ministry will not accept any project that is of sub standards in future. The Ministry wants the nation to get value for money in any project. He then led the team on the tour of the Pitch.
MIST exhibits at BNTF In a continued effort to take its services to the customers, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology exhibited at this year’s BOCCIM Northern Trade Fair (BNTF) held in Francistown from 24th to 27th May 2012. The fair was hosted by BOCCIM under the theme “Seizing the Opportunities of Economic Diversification Amidst a Recession” and it accorded the Ministry the opportunity to interact with the people of northern Botswana thereby introducing the Ministry there. Though this was the 8th edition of the BOCCIM Northern Trade Fair, it was the first one the Ministry participated in, this following previous participation in other trade fairs in Gaborone last year and the Ministry Open Day in Sefhare on 25 February 2012. The people of Francistown and the surrounding areas who attended the fair benefited from the MIST staff members who were able to effectively create awareness about the Ministry’s mandate (mission and vision) as well as initiatives and interventions put in place for the benefit of the public and the Government. The Ministry’s Stall had a fair reception and received useful feedback from the attendants who posed critical questions and offered valuable advice and suggestions. It was an open secret that the Ministry is a closed chapter in the northern Botswana save for the Department of Building and Engineering Service. This was evidenced by the fair attendants’ interest on the services provided by the Ministry and this gave the Staff members manning the stall an opportunity to host interactive sessions with attendants especially the school kids. The Northern Trade Fair was described by the hosts (BOCCIM) as a great opportunity for gathering market intelligence, networking, product exposure, awareness creation and offering prospects of increasing visibility. It is also seen as a platform that endeavours to create networking opportunities between private sector, non-governmental organisations, government departments, parastatals as well as the public. It all lived to this description.
MINISTER SWARTZ WANTS HIS MINISTRY TO SCORE MORE THAN 75% DURING HIS TIME AS MINISTER. Minister Johnie Swartz of Infrastructure, Science and Technology has urged Serowe Depot Staff to take their jobs seriously and deliver on the Ministry’s mandate. Addressing the Serowe Depot staff on 04 may 2012, Minister Swartz said he is aware of the challenges faced by many staff members in his Ministry like shortage of transport, slow progression and others, but urged them to persevere and endeavour to do their best despite these challenges. He advised them that this can only happen if they can love their jobs and devote more commitment to it, adding that it is possible for the Ministry to score higher than 75% in government ministries’ assessments by the Office of the President. He also advised them to desist from corruption and other unethical activities like excessive alcohol drinking and in some cases indulging in too many debts resulting in financial embarrassment where officers receive zero pay at the end of the month. He however thanked those who always try their best to see to it that the Ministry performance improves. Members of staff also shared their other challenges with the Minister which included delay in their payment of overtime and need for more skills to deal with modern machinery used in their daily duties. Some called for introduction of risk allowance especially those working at Sekgoma Memorial hospital. The Deputy permanent Secretary (Corporate Services) Mr Jeff Siamisang who was also with the Minister promised to look at their concerns and advised them that those relating to adjustment of work conditions like introduction of risk allowances should be channeled to the employer through their representatives as is procedure. After addressing the Serowe staff, the Minister who was now joined by the Permanent Secretary Mr Dikagiso Mokotedi and Deputy Permanent Secretary (Infrastructure) Mr Ulf soderstrom toured the Serowe College of Education Project and the Serowe Sports complex. The Serowe College Project is now more than a year behind schedule and the Minister was promised that the outstanding work will now be completed in a matter of weeks. The Minister was however impressed with the progress being made by his Serowe Depot staff to rehabilitate the Serowe Sports Complex and encouraged them to do a good job. The Minister emphasized that he now wants to see a new culture of quality and timely project execution in this country.
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