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Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development (MIH)
Organisational Structure
Department Structure


Currently DBES comprises three (3) core and one (1) support divisions.  The Department is headed by the Director and each core division is headed by Deputy Director while the support division headed by an Assistant Director.  Subject to the ongoing restructuring exercise, the the four operational divisions areb as follows:

Project Implementation Division (PID)
The division comprise of ten (9) units with each unit assigned a specific portfolio of projects or ministries that it is responsible for. Each unit coordinates a project team made up of consultants and contractors engaged to deliver projects for the relant government ministry. The nine division, with each headed by a Chhief Project Coordinator, are as follows:

Unit 1 - Ministry of Education;
Unit 2 - Ministry of State President, National Assembly and Administration of Justice;
Unit 3 - Ministry of Labour & Home Affairs;
Unit 4 - Ministry of Health;
Unit 5 - Ministry of Agriculture;
Unit 6 - Ministry of Finance & Development Planning, Ministry of Minerals Energy & Water Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation;
Unit 7 - Ministry of Environment Wildlife & Tourism and Ministry of Local Government;
Unit 8 - Ministry of Infrastructure Science & Technology and Ministry of Transport & Communications and;
Unit 9 - Ministry of Lands & Housing, Ministry of Trade & Industry; Attorney General Chambers, Auditor General; Office of The Ombudsman and the Independent Electoral Office. 

Technical Services Division (TSD)
The division comprise three (3) units aligned to three core diciplines of Architecture, Engineering, and Quantity Surveying and these are headed by Assistant Directors reporting to Deputy Director TSD. The division utilise three teams to design and supervise all project done inhouse or internally.

Maintenance Division
This division comprises twenty six (26) depots accross the country and each depot provides building, electrical and mechanical maintenance. For ease of management, these twenty six area are grouped six (6) regions which are North West, North, Central, Gaborone, South Central and South.

Departmental Management Division

Providing support services to the entire department, this division comprise six (6) core units and these are human resources / general administration, finance and accounts, supplies, technical training, legal and information technology.


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