Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
Counting of votes

1. Service description

 After varification of ballots is completed and all ballot boxes of a poling district/constituency have arrived, counting begins. Each ballot paper is unfolded to reveal the voter's mark identifying his/her candidate choice. The ballot is deposited into the resceptacle marked with the name of a party which the chosen candidate belongs. When the intention of the voter is clear, the vote is valid and will be counted. Some votes will be rejected if the intention of the voter is not clear.

2. For purposes of control and management of the process admission into counting centres to witness counting of votes is limited to persons mentioned under Section 69 (2) of the Electoral Act.

3. Admission of countung agents is by letter of appointment signed by the candidate contesting elections in the pollintg district/constituency. Admission of any person other than those mentioned in the law (section 69 (2)) remains the discretion of the Returning Officer. 

 (Click on the highlighted statement for valid and rejected votes). counting of the ballot papers 

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