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Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
Voter education strategies
Voter education strategies

1. Service description

Provision of voter and civic education to the electorate and civic society

2.How do I obtain service?

Information dissemination  is carried out through the following processes:

a. Kgotla meetings

b. Institutions and School visits

c. Stakeholder workshops

d. Radio and television programmes

e. Print publications ( Pamphlets, newsletters, posters,brochures)

3.How do I apply for service?

IEC visits various places and also accepts invitations from any institution. The publications can be obtained from any IEC office

4. Costs involved in obtaining service

Voter education is provided for free to the public

5. Where can I obtain more information

For more information call on toll free 0800 600 710 or call the Information Education Unit at 3612400.

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