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Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
Demarcation of Polling Districts

As soon as constituencies have been delimited by the Delimitation Commission, the IEC divides each constituency into polling districts in consultation with and involvement of stakeholders comprising traditional leadership, local authorities, civil society and the general public.


The exercise is followed by idetification of polling stations within polling districts of each constituency.  The exercise is also carried out in collaboration with primary stakeholders to provide accessibility of polling areas to electorate.


The names of estabished polling district and identified polling stations are published in the Gazztte and such other manner as the IEC may consider appropriate.


The Commission may from time to time add to the number of polling stations established in any polling district or vary a situation within a polling district of any polling station established therein.


Polling stations outside the country are established at all Botswana Embassies and consular missions and at other such places the Commission may consider necessary.

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