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Curtains close, challenges remain
The last Sub Council seating of Moshupa Sub District drew a curtain on the business of the councillors who have been holding the fort for the past 5 years.

Curtains close, challenges remain

The last Sub Council seating of Moshupa Sub District drew a curtain on the business of the councillors who have been holding the fort for the past 5 years. Chaired by Honorable Chairman Lentswe Mosanako, he said it was now time to reflect on their achievements and challenges they encountered during their tenure.

The Chairman singled out the Department of Wildlife that conducted a fisheries workshop at Lotlhakane West on the 29-31 July 2014, stating that the purpose of the workshop was to sensitize the community of Lotlhakane West and Taueshele about fish farming as a project to eradicate poverty. He applauded the department saying he hope the communities took advantage of this vital workshop and would further implement what they have learnt.

In poverty eradication programme he said since its inception in 2012, 126 beneficiaries have been identified and assisted with different packages by Council. From these, 82 are operational while 44 are not yet operational. Furthermore, he said a total of 176 backyard garden projects were established during Phase I & II of the programme, of these 137 projects are operational even though serious shortage of water is still experienced in the Sub District, a situation which has also rendered projects unproductive.  

He highlighted that this has been a big challenge to promoters and some beneficiaries, as some were advised to opt for alternative packages.  He expressed his disappointment stating that production this quarter was 9640kg against a target of 20tons.

He however said a total of 104 and 133 projects have been approved for small stock and Tswana chicken respectively adding that projects are still at infant stage, whereas Tswana chicken projects are failing due to mortalities related diseases.

Counselor Mosanako said despite this, the implementation of the programme is ongoing and has proven to bear fruits, as it has success stories and the one worth noting is that the Council has awarded the bakery beneficiaries to supply their local primary schools with loaves on weekly basis. He said this was to ensure a steadfast market for their sustainability.

On Environmental cleanliness issues the Sub Council Chairman said the Sub District made some improvement with regards to the environmental cleanliness as in 2012; Sesung Village was awarded position 2 in small village category nationally. He further said in 2013 Moshupa Sub District was awarded position 3 for the cleanest Sub District nationally.

He noted that the Council has partly outsourced refuse collection services in Moshupa village at medium scale and in all other villages at small scale level, emphasizing that this has greatly relieved the Council from the burden of refuse collection which is mostly disturbed by constant breakdown of machinery.

He pointed out that recently a cleanup campaign was commemorated at Lotlhakane West, saying this creates an opportunity for government, communities, individuals, private organizations to introspect on achievements and challenges with regards to a clean environment.

He said even though he appreciate these achievements, he has noticed some acts of indiscriminate disposal of waste and burning of waste which leaves the environment polluted adding that these acts reduce  efforts in cleanliness and create an eye sore.

By Veronica Nnogane

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