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SPTC Engages Botswana Post
SPTC and Botswana Post's Rates Collection deal. 

Selebi Phikwe Town Council recently engaged the services of Botswana Post where customers can utilize to pay their council dues.  The council is tasked with the mandate of providing both Physical and Social services such as:

  • Serviced Land
  • Collection and Disposal of solid Waste
  • Implementation of social welfare programmes
  • Maintenance of physical infrastructure
  • Provision of educational materials and facilities
  • Implementation of physical planning and building control regulations

In trying to achieve the above mentioned functions and responsibility the Council is faced with the following challenges;

• Collection of revenue through Rates and Service levy
• Inadequate financial provision (that’s is Revenue Support Grant)
• Payment of staff salaries and other enumerations
• Dilapidating infrastructural services
• Increasing social support
• Arrears to date are as follows; Service Levy P2, 074,973.01 as at 31 October 2011. Rates P8, 100, 000. 00 as at November 2011.

In view of the above, the council approached Botswana Post with the idea that its customers use post offices around the country to render their dues to avoid travelling long distances to make their payments at the council offices.
Current Methods of payment are;

• Stop order
• Bank deposits
• Post dated cheques
• Speed point (Council Mall offices)
• Cash (Council Mall offices and Wards offices (service levy))

Why Botswana Post

Post offices are all over the country so it increases pay points and people do not have to travel long distances to make their payments. The other thing was to take services nearer to the people as well as to intensify revenue collection for the council.

Currently our outreach to the community is done through the house to house campaigns, sight meetings, defaulters meetings, advertising on public notice boards, daily news, Kgotla meetings, orientations and other available platforms.

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