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Who qualifies?

According to the Revised National Policy on Destitute Persons (2002), a destitute is:

a)            An individual who, due to disabilities or chronic health condition, is unable to engage in sustainable economic activities and has insufficient assets and income sources.

i)                    Possessing not more than 4 livestock units.

ii)                  Earning or receiving an income of less than P120 per month without dependents or less than P150.00 per month with dependents.


b)           An individual who due to:

i)                    Old age

ii)                  Mental or physical disability

iii)                Emotional or psychological disability

iv)                Being a terminally ill patient, and having no means of support,

is incapable of engaging in an sustainable economic activity and has unreliable and limited sources of income.


How do I register for the service

A person can be identified by;

a)      Community leaders (Councilors, VDCs, Social Welfare Committees).

b)      Household members

c)      Local organizations

d)      Self identification

e)      Social Welfare and Community Development Office

       Types of Assistance

a)      Provision of food basket (P524.25)

b)      Provision of cash component (P81.00 per month)

c)      Provision of psychosocial support

d)      Provision of rehabilitation services

e)      Provision of funeral expenses

f)       Provision of shelter for eligible destitute persons


Appointment of proxy

A beneficiary who is unable to collect their cash component due to;

i)                    ill health

ii)                  Old age

iii)                Physical disability may appoint any person of his/her choice, preferably a relative to receive the allowance on their behalf.

        Life Declaration

A beneficiary who receives the allowance through bank credit or through proxy is required to make a life declaration once in every three months, failing which the name is automatically suspended until he/she shows up, in which case he/she would be entitled to arrears.

 How do I access missed payments

·        A beneficiary who is unable to collect his/her allowance during payments is entitled to arrears which he/she has to apply for through the pension officer.

·         Arrears can only be claimed within a continuous period of twenty three months from date of application.  Arrears beyond twenty three months is forfeited.

 Where to get information about programme

a)      Social and Community Development Offices at Civic Centre  5330392/ Peleng Community Centre at 5330431/ Woodhall Community Centre at 5330254

b)      Ward/Village Development Committees

c)      Public Relations Officers – Toll Free No 0800 600 876








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