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Service Definition:

Care given to individuals who are terminally ill in their own homes by their families, supported by social workers and other social welfare providers to meet spiritual, material and psychological needs with the individual playing a crucial role.

Responsibilities of the Ministry of Health

  •  Development of policies and standards.
  •  Provision of professional guidance and support on the health care.
  •  Counseling.


Responsibilities of the Ministry of Local Government – Department of Social Services

  • Development of policies and standards for provision of technical guidance on the social welfare component.

   How do I obtain the service

Eligibility of registration under CHBC programme

  •                    Those referred to the programme by the Government Medical Doctor.
  •                   Those who will benefit under the CHBC social safety net will be assisted basing on the definition of a destitute person, as defined in the Revised National Policy on Destitute Persons of 2002.

 Appointment of Proxy

A beneficiary who is unable to collect their food ration due to:

i)                    ill health

ii)                  Old age

 Referral System

Both Ministry of Local Government and Ministry of Health have developed various client and family assessment and referral tools as follows:

i)                    Home Based Care (CHBC) Programme Referral Form (MH 2071).

ii)                  Family Care Assessment, Registration and Monitoring Tool (FCARM).

iii)                Inter Agency Referral Form (IAR)

 Type of Assistance

a)      Food basket

b)      Repatriation

c)      Counseling

d)      Rehabilitation

e)      Burial

 Where can i get information about programme

a)      Social and Community Development Offices at Civic Centre  5330392/ Peleng Community Centre at 5330431/ Woodhall Community Centre at 5330254

b)      Ward/Village Development Committees

c)      Public Relations Officers – Toll Free No 0800 600 876




























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