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Treatment and services are offered to patients diagnosed with Tuberculosis.


Care Providers



TB Coordinator

Health Education Assistants

Social Workers

Pharmacy Technician


Who Qualifies

TB patients and their families



TB is diagnosed by sputum, X-Ray, biopsy and FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration). Sputum should be AFB positive for someone who has TB.



Patients are given oral treatment (tablets) and injection. Treatment is given on daily basis i.e patient are observed taking treatment at a health facility by a health worker. A health worker should make sure that the patient has indeed taken medication DOT (Daily Supervised Therapy).




Patients who remain AFB positive at two months and 6 months are referred to TB Specialist at Princess Marina Hospital for further investigation and Management.


Treatment Outcome

 Patients who were AFB positive when starting treatment and convert to AFB Negative at 2 months and six months are cured.

  •  Patient with AFB positive at two months and six months and have treatment reactions are referred to TB Specialist.
  •   Patients who did not provide Sputum initially are categorized as treatment completed.
  •   Patients who defaulted treatment for 21 days or more are defaulters and these receive intensive counseling and re-started on treatment.


Contact Tracing

Families of TB patients are asked or followed at home for TB screening. If they are positive they are put on treatment straight away. Families are also counseled and taught about infection controlled.



Nurse register patients on TB register keep TB Clinic card for recording compliance. The other card is kept by the patient and produces it daily when he/she comes for DOT for recording compliance is also marked in the TB register. At the end of treatment TB register is updated and treatment outcome recorded. TB Coordinator visits health facilities to check and update her TB register from the facility register. The report is then compiled quarterly and sent to Botswana Nation TB Programme at Ministry of Health.



The community is given health education talks about TB in all health facilities. Hey are taught how TB can be transmitted from one person to another. They are advised to seek medical attention when they have signs and symptoms of TB e.g cough for two weeks, night sweats, weight loss. They are advised that TB affect any part of the body.


They are advised that poor compliance can lead to TB which is stubborn to treatment i.e multiple drug resistance TB (MDR) and MDR treatment takes 18-24 months. Advised that good compliance make TB easily treated

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