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a)    Introduction

This aspect of Environmental Health falls under Waste Management Section. Its aim is to improve the human health and protect the environment. This service is offered to households, institutions and commercial areas.


b)   How service is received?

Customers are advised to pay at Council Revenue Offices for the number and type of refuse receptacles. S/he is then registered for collection schedule and slotted into collection schedule which is weekly. The client will sign refuse collection form to confirm that indeed collection was done in relation to amount paid. A copy is given to the client and original is taken by collection crew. Complains for irregular service are registered in complaints register and follow ups made.


c)    Collection tariffs

The charges for rendering refuse collection are as follows:


  • Domestic waste collection                  P2.50/85L drum

P5.00/210L drum


  • Commercial waste                             P300.00/2x2x2m cage

(Currently suspended                       P500.00/>2x2x2m cage

due to inadequate resources)


  • Institutional waste                                      P250.00/load


  • Garden waste/Builders rubble                   P200.00/load
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