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a)    Introduction

The aim is to prevent transmission of communicable diseases by controlling pests of public health importance. The common pests are cockroaches, rodents and bed bugs.


b)   How is service rendered?

Client is advised to pay at Revenue for number of rooms/area to be sprayed. A receipt is then produced at Sanitation Officer for registration. The service is based on first come first served. S/he is informed about the exact date of spraying so that the client can prepare the rooms accordingly (e.g. removing of foodstuffs and other items to prevent them from getting in contact with insecticides). The standard for service is within seven (7) days.

The client signs the form after spraying is rendered and advised on safety precautions to follow after spraying. Complains regarding persistent pest infestation are followed and advice on good housekeeping are emphasized.


c)    Pest control tariffs

The charges for spraying/baiting of dwellings for pests of public health importance are as follows:


  • Residential house                                       P2.50/m2


  • Institutional areas                                                P5.00/m2


  • Commercial centres                                     P15.00/m2



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