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Reporting of Matimela

 Anyone who knows of any stray animal should report to the nearest Matimela office or to the chief

Collection of Matimela

The council arrange for the collection


Giving the full description of Matimela, notification of presence of Matimela in kraals is placed on notice boards across the district/towns, and sent to other district and Ministry Of Agriculture to be aired on radio. (Rebatliseng Programme)


For one to claim Matimela as the owner, they have to bring the following requirement with the following fees for different livestock.


  •   Valid Omang card
  •   Valid brand Certificates in case the letimela has two different brands or proof of ownership

Handling and Subsistance Fees

 Cattle – P2.50 per day 

Other animals (donkeys,goats,horses,pigs) – P1.50 per day

  Auction Sale of Unclaimed Matimela   

Advertise advertise auction sale 14 days before the date on public notice boards, send to other districts/towns, Botswana Government Gazzette and Ministry of Agriculture to be aired on radio.

During auction sale, you are expected to pay cash or by bank guaranteed cheque


A minimum of P3000.00 – P3500.00 is required to be able to buy letimela

 Where can one find matimela?

·         Kweneng matimela kraal – Kweneng

·         Shadishadi/Chabuchabu matimela kraal – Shadishadi

·         Masope matimela kraal – Maboane

·         Khekhenye/Motokwe matimela kraal – Khekhenye

·         Kotolaname/sengolwane – Kotolaname

·         Diphuduhudu matimela kraal - Diphuduhudu














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