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This programme is aimed at short term employment support and relief whilst at the same time carrying out essential development projects that have been identified and prioritized through the normal development planning process. The programme is designed to maximize employment of simple tools and machinery, unskilled and semi-skilled and unskilled labour in the implementation of labour based initiatives and maintenance of government facilities.

Projects eligible to be undertaken through Ipelegeng

·          Maintenance of primary and secondary schools facilities, health facilities, staff houses and government offices

·          Desilting of dams and storm water drains

·          Street sweeping

·         Bush clearing and grass cutting in public places

·          Debushing of roads and fire breaks

Eligibility for engagement on the programme as a beneficiary

The programme is targeted mainly at being a source of income and employment to, but not limited to, vulnerable members of the community with the following requirements:

·         Aged 18 years and above

·         Have a valid Omang


Programme wage rates are set by Cabinet, taking into consideration the cost of living. The wages are not regarded as payment, but a supplement to other sources of income for the beneficiaries. Currently the rates are:

·         P18 per day for Labourers

·         P24 per day for Supervisors








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