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Home Based Care means caring for patients at their home setting instead of being at the health facilities with the hope that they will get all the support e.g. social, spiritual, psychological and physical care. It also gives the patient the sense of belonging and being cared for by your loved ones or family members.




Who Provide Care


The main care givers are:

-       The family of the client-who gives every day care, love and hope.

-       The volunteers-who have volunteered to assist patients and they have been trained on basic nursing.

-       The health care workers e.g. Health Education Assistant, Nurses, Doctors, Physiotherapist and Social Workers


Who qualifies to be a Home Based Care Patient?


-       For a person to be considered a CHBC patient, he/she must have a health condition for which he/she is receiving one form of support or the other.


NB. Patients receiving food basket alone (irrespective of the contents of food basket) without any medical illness or disabilities (acquired or congenital) are excluded from CHBC.


How does the patient enrol into the programme?


The patient should be referred to the programme through the health facility (clinic, hospital) by the Doctor after assessment. The Doctor before discharging the patient, he assesses the patient’s condition and needs. If there is need for a patient to be offered home based care the patient is then referred to the programme where care will be given according to the needs.


On recovery the patient will be assessed by the Doctor again for discharge from the programme. All the care that the patient has been receiving is also assessed  like:  the Social and Community Development for the need of food baskets and other services.


Services Provided


-       Services provided to the patient include total patient care like bathing, turning, feeding and any procedure taken care of like dressing, naso gastric tube feeding, catheter care e.g.

-       Patients/Families will also need counselling

-       Patients are also given Physiotherapy, spiritual, psychological an emotional support.

-       There is also provision for food baskets, special diets e.g. Ensure.

-       Supplies and materials like nappies, gloves, mattresses etc.




They are given incentives as transport allowance that they get monthly. It amounts to P151. 65. This allowance is to assist them on transport fares as they will be travelling from one patient to another.

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