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To facilitate optimal provision of Health Care Services through equitable distribution of essential resources by ensuring that the majority of Kweneng population has access to rehabilitation services.


1. To provide quality rehabilitation / physiotherapy services to people with disabilities through the provision of suitable equipment/ appliances for treatment.

2. To provide health information, counseling and education to clients and their families.

 Service Provider

1.   School placement- People with disabilities are sent for Vocational Training. They are sent to do different skills to improve their lives. Skills that are being trained on;

 ·         Sewing

·         Horticulture

·         Leather work

 2.   Provision of assistive devices- any person who needs an aid to help him / her to carry out activities of daily living. Examples include;

·         Wheelchairs

·         Crutches

·         Walking frames

·         Artificial limbs

·         Splints

·         Supportive chairs

 3.   Counseling Services- it is provided to individuals and their families.

 4.    Referrals- Clients are referred to relevant services like Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers.

 5.   Physiotherapy Services

 Physiotherapy is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity without the use of drugs or surgery by physical methods.

 Physical Methods used in treating patients

 1.   Massage therapy- massage is the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body using hands or massagers for pain and swelling relieving, relaxation of the stressed/ strained muscles coupled with improvement of circulation in the tissues.

2.   Exercise therapy- is the treatment of patients’ conditions with the use of therapeutic exercises aimed at mobilizing (stiff joints), strengthening weak muscles, (paralyzed muscles) and for weight reduction as in obesity.

3.   Electrotherapy- This is the treatment of patients using electro-medical equipment such as Infra Red radiation therapy, Interferential therapy, short wave Diathermy therapy and Ultrasound Therapy.

 Conditions Treated and Managed in Physiotherapy

·         Backache                                            

·         Neck ache

·         Arthritis

·         Stroke

·         Polyneuropathies

·         Facial palsy

·         Bell’s palsy

·         Neuropathies

·         Obesity

·         Post Fracture complications

·         Sports Injuries

·         Post burns complications

·         Myalgia

·         Road Traffic Accidents injuries

·         Sciatica

·         Cervical spondylosis

·         Post Amputation Complications

·         Delayed Milestones

·         Paralysis

·         Cerebral Palsy

 Physiotherapy services are offered at Phuthadikobo Clinic on daily basis.

 Who Qualifies

Any person with any form of disability and has been for Physiotherapy by a Medical Doctor

 Who offers the services?

The services are provided by the Clinical Rehabilitation Officer and the Social Welfare Officer at DHT

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