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Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links
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Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links



STEP 1; Client enquire for application forms from commercial office and pays P100.00 non refundable fees .

STEP 2; Advising of clients thoroughly on the  requirements of the Acts and regulations to avoid rejection and deferred applications.

STEP 3; Give clients requirement list and types of licences issued by the Local Authority to choose from.

STEP 4; Give  application forms  to clients to fill the details and ask the applicants to book for inspection of the business premises by  Health department.

 STEP 5; If the health report is satisfactory, the applicant submits the application together with the required documents and pays a non-refundable deposit of P100.00 before his application can be included in  the agenda for consideration by the Committee.Receipt will issued as proof payment at Council  Revenue.

Applicants will be informed  about the outcome of the meeting.

There are those licenses which are reserved for botswana citizens / locals and non citizens

The following documents must be submitted before the committee can consider any application

-          Satisfactory Physical Planner s report for zoning (council)

-          Occupation permit (from Building control council)

-          Copy of Land Board Lease

-          Satisfactory Health Report (council)

-          Application form (from council)

-          Manager s form (from council)

-          P100.00 non refundable fees (payment to council)

-          Advirtersement fees in case of liquor application (Goverment Gazette or Daily News)

-          Memorandum of lease agreement between lessor and lessee

-          Form 2 (List of Directors )

-          Certificate of incorperation

-          Share Certificates

-          Certified coppy of omang

-          Resolution letter from the company authorising representative during the consideration of the application

-          Resident permit and work permit (from immigration and labour)

-          Hair dresser Certificate

-          Letter from the supplier in case of distributor license

-          Fire satisfactory report (council)


-          Liquor Act 2003 and   Regulations

-          Trade Act 2003 and  regulations

-          Industrial development  Act 2006 and regulations

There are also street vending and hawking policies and bye laws


-Trade and Industrial Development Licensing Committee

-Liquor Control Authority

-Regional Appeals Board


Customers can acquire information from the Commercial Offices in the district, CDC website, Public Relations or Customer care offices and through customer care to toll free number 0800 600 796


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Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links
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Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links
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Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links


An Early Childhood Care & Education Programme is regulated under the Early Childhood Care & Education Policy of 2001. It is run as a three-tier system composed of:

  • Baby Care: 0 – 2 ½
  • Day Care/ Nursery : 2 ½ - 4 years
  • Pre-primary : 4 – 6 years


  • Currently there is no charge.            


  • Make application at the local Authority (S&CD department)
  • Make application for change of land use (Planning)
  • Request inspection from Fire Department and Environmental Health Department and Social & Community Development Department.
  • Council committees grants approval.


  • Social and Community Development Offices at Civic Centre  5330392/ Peleng Community Centre at 5330431/ Woodhall Community Centre at 5330254
  • LTC Public Relations Offices – Toll free 0800 600 876
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Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links

Service Description

Pursuant to the radiation protection Act, 2006 and Radiation Protection regulation 2008, no person shall engage in activities which involve ionizing radiation sources unless authorized/licensed to do so. This is needed to ensure safe use of atomic energy and nuclear technology.

How Do I Obtain Service?

To otain a license/authorization one has to complete application form (Form 02) and user registration form ( Form RAIS 01). All sections must be completed and all documetation must be submitted to avoid delays. If the the application is successful a license will be issued.

How Do I Apply For the Service?

when applying for the service please attatch the following documents

  • Radiation Safety and protection programme/plan
  • An evaluation of the nature, magnitude and the likelihood of the exposures attributed to the practice and sources within the practice.
  • A safety assessment in cases where tihs is prescribed by the inspectorate.
  • A determination of the characteristics and the activity of any radioactive material to be discharged to the environment with an assessment of the resulting doses to the critical group.
  • curriculum vitae and certificates of the nominated radiation safety Officer and his/her deputy
  • List of equipment/sources intended for use.

Costs Involved in Obtaining the Service?

  • Notification fee P50.00
  • Licence/Authorization fee as stipulated in ninth schedule of the radiation protection regulations, 2008. This will be determined by the risk associated with the radiation sources
  • Method of payment: Cash/Cheque paid or adjustment voucher to Department of Radiation Protection.

Where Can I Get More Information?

For more information on licenses, please Contact the Department of Radiation at

Postal Adress:          Private Bag BO 1, Bontleng Gaborone
Physical Address:    Cliff House, 1278 Luthuli Road, Off old Lobatse  
                               Road, Gaborone
Tell:                        3188388
Fax:                        3957025
Email:                      rpibots@gov.bw


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Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links

Service Description

Transport of Radioactive and nuclear materials must comply with Part XII-Transport Requirements; of Radiation protection regulations, 2008. Therefore permits must be obtained to transport the above mentioned materials. This service is needed to monitor movement of radioactive materials and to ensure that the materials are transported in a safe and secure manner.

How do I obtain Service?

The facility must be licensed to possess/use radiation sources.
To obtain transport permit one has to complete application form (Form 02).
All relevant sections must be completed and all documentation must be submitted to avoid delays.
A permit to transport radioactive source will be issued after successful completion of process.

How do I apply for the service?

When applying for the servic please attatch the following documents

  • A valid road worthiness certificate of the vehicle
  • A document describing safety measures put in place during transport of Radioactive sources

Costs involved in obtaining service?

The cost for a transport permit shall be as stipulated in ninth schedule of the Radiation Protection Regulations, 2008.
Method of payment: Cash/Cheque or adjustment voucher paid to Department of Radiation Protection.

Where can I get more information?

For more information on Transport permits, please contact:

Department of Radiation Protection
Private Bag BO 1
Bontleng Gaborone

Tel:                      (+267) 318 8388 
Fax:                     (+267) 395 7025
Email:                   rpibots@gov.bw
Physical Address  Luthuli Road, Plot 1278, Cliff House, Second Floor 





















 materials must comply with

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Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links



Service Description


This is a service available to criminal cases at the High Court.  The Registrar of the High Court appoints an attorney/lawyer to represent an Accused at State’s expense, for offences where upon conviction may attract a death sentence e.g. murder, treason, etc.


How do I obtain a Service?


There is no need to apply.  The Registrar will upon registering such a case appoint a pro deo attorney for the Accused.  Accused is however free to engage an attorney of his own choice at his own expense.


How do I apply for Service?


The service is given without application.


Cost Involved in Obtaining Service


No cost is involved.


Where can I get more information?


The Registrar’s Office                                 

High Court, Lobatse

Private Bag 001


Tel:  5330396/7

Email:  jmanzunzu@gov.bw




The Registrar’s Office

High Court, Francistown

Private Bag F13


Tel: 2412125

Emal : Gketlogetswe@gov.bw




Clerk of the Court’s office

Any Magistrate Court  (Country wide)

( Please go to Court contact link)                  


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Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links

What vocations/trade/ occupations can be applied for testing?

  • Auto Mechanics (AM)
  • Auto Electric (AE)
  • Architectural Draughting (AD)
  • Bricklaying & Plastering (BP)
  • Borehole Mechanic (BM)
  • Carpentary & Joinery (CJ)
  • Cabinet Making (CM)
  • Chef (CF)
  • Dressmaking (DM)
  • Electrical (EL)
  • Heavy Plant Mechanic (HPM)
  • Instrumentation Mechanic (IM)
  • Maintenance Fitting (MF)
  • Machine Fitting (FM)
  • Panel Beating & Spray Painting (PBSP)
  • Painting & Decorating (PD)
  • Pipe Fitting (PF)
  • Plumbing (PL)
  • Power Plant Operator (PPO)
  • Refridgeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic (RAM)
  • Waiter (WT)
  • Welding & Fabrication (WF)

Requirements for entry into Apprenticeship Training

  • BGCSE/Equivalent
  • Junior Certificate
  • Standard 7 certificate with a trade or Equivalent.
  • Minimum age for apprenticeship is 16 years.
  • Medical examination is required.

Sponsoring Comapny

On the job training apprenticeable vocation 

How do I appy?

Fill in the Application for Apprenticeship Training Form

Attach the following documents to the application form

  • Certified copies of Omang
  • Three (3)  copies of the contract  of apprenticeship
  • Yellow copy of the Medical Certificate Form MTTC 3-4-12/87.

Submit the completed for along with the above metioned documents to:

Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs

Directorate of Apprenticeship and Industrial Training

Private Bag 00267


Or hand deliver them at;

Plot 18006

Machel Drive


Tel: 00267 360 9100

Fax: 00267 3956314

Email: mttc@gov.bw

How much does it cost  to apply for this course?

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Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links
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