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The purpose of this service is to protect health of the community by ensuring that trading premises comply with requirements stipulated in various health and environmental statutes, e.g. Public Health Act, Building Control Act, Waste Management Act, etc. The inspections are done for issuance or renewal of trading premises. Routine inspections are also conducted for monitoring of health standards.

 How is service offered?

The applicant completes documentation at Commercial Affairs Office and then referred to Environmental Health Division for inspection booking. Inspections are done on first come first served. The standard of service is within five (5) days.

 The applicant is issued with conditional or unconditional inspection report immediately after inspection. Satisfactory inspection is recommended for license renewal or issuance whereas unsatisfactory premises are advised to comply first. Re-inspections are also done within five (5) days after booking again.

 Inspection tariffs

There are no charges for conducting inspections. The applicant only pays for the license s/he intends to trade on.


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