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Service Description

This is the provision of low-income housing on subsidized basis (SHHA loans and plots).

How do I obtain the service?

Customers must visit/come to SHHA office in person with National Identification Card (Omang) to answer some oral questions which will be asked by the officer in charge by then.

The applicant will be given verification of employment form to give it to her/his employer to complete.

Also the applicant will be given affidavit form to complete and sworn with the commissioner of oath.

If self employed, the applicant will be given verification self employment form and affidavit form to complete and sworn with commissioner of oath.

How do I apply for the service?

SHHA Plot Application

• Citizen of Botswana
• Must be 21 years of age and above
• Annual income range between P4400. 00- P36 400.00
• Should not be owning a plot in any town/ city in Botswana
• Two passport photos

SHHA Loan Application

  1. Turnkey Development Scheme

• Loan amount is P60 000.00
• Interest free
• Defaulting = Arrears + 10% interest
• The house is constructed by council
• Start repaying loan when handed a key
• Payable in 20 years
• Minimum installment is P250.00 per month

  2.  SHHA loan (Improvement Scheme) 

• Loan amount is up to P45 000.00
• Interest free
• Defaulting = arrears + 10% interest
• Start repaying loan when application is approved and funded
• Payable in 20 years
• Minimum installment is P187.50 per month

Requirements for loan application (both schemes) 

All the services facilitated by SHHA programme are available only for citizens with :

• an Annual income range between P4400- P36400
• Latest pay slip
• three bank statements if self employed
• Completed verification of employment by employer or self employed form
• Certified true copy of ID
• If married, marriage certificate and spouse pay slip

Where can I get more information?

Customers can acquire information from SHHA office or from the Council’s Toll Free Number 0800 600 770 or Public Relations Office @ 6596070.
Ghanzi District Council,Rural Administration Centre,Plot No: 639,White City Ward,Ghanzi ,Private Bag 0015,Ghanzi
Enquiries: 6596211
Facsimile: 6596113
Charleshill Sub-District Council,Rural Administration Centre, Plot No: CHA 01351,Charleshill,Private Bag 002,Charleshill
Enquiries: 6592057
Facsimile: 6592246


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