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KITSISO DIPONE TSA MOSEPELE LE TSA MEKGWATHA TSE DI SA BEREKENG MO TOROPONG YA GABORONE Khansele ya Gaborone e kopa maitshwarelo mo sechabeng ka seemo se se tsweletseng sa go tlhoka go bereka ga dipone tsa mosepele le tsa mokgwatha mo toropong.  Seemo se se bakilwe ke dipula tsa matlakadibe tsa beke e e fitileng tse di amileng toropo yotlhe le metse e e mabapi, se kgoreletsa maranyane a dipone tsa tsela. Khansele e tshwaragane le ba na le seabe jaaka ba koporase ya motlakase go berekela mo go busetseng  seemo sa motlakase mo maemong a a siameng gore dipone di bereke. Mo nakong e re kopa badirise botlhe ba tsela le sechaba ka kakaretso go nna keletlhoko , le go nna pelo telele mo ditseleng go fitlhelela seemo se boela mo mannong.Khansele e kopa maitshwarelo ka kgoreletso e.
PUBLIC NOTICE RENAMING OF DITIMAMODIMO (BLOCK 7) Gaborone City Council informs the public that the Residents of Ditimamodimo have requested that their neighborhood be renamed. The renaming is necessitated by the fact that the residents felt the existing name does not promote the goodwill of people living in the area hence the need to rename. The Community consulted on the 18th August 2016 has proposed that the neighborhood be named PEOLWANE.
PUBLIC NOTICE The general public is hereby informed that there are no extensions of hours in all liquor outlets. Therefore NO person including the Liquor Control Authority has the power to extent hours of operation in liquor outlets. It is of paramount importance to note that all the liquor licenses are issued under Liquor Act, 2003 Act no 9 of 2004 and regulated by Liquor Regulations, 2008, Statutory Instrument No.26 of 2008. The trading hours are as stipulated below as per Liquor Regulation 8(1) set in the Second Schedule.
PUBLIC NOTICE  The General Public is hereby informed that the Bye-Law Enforcement of Gaborone City Council is the ONLY department mandated to issue Noise and Nuisance permits in Gaborone. The services are rendered at the following offices: 1.  Gaborone Bus Rank  2.  Old Naledi Service Centre  3.  Block 3 Roads Offices  4.  Broadhurst Roads Offices  5.  Gaborone West SHHA Offices  6.  Tsholofelo SHHA Offices For more information contact the Call Centre at 0800 600 061 or Public Relations Office at 3657545 or 3657408.  
PRESS RELEASE Gaborone City Council wishes to invite residents of Ditimamodimo ward to attend a Kgotla meeting on the 25th August 2016 at 18:00hrs.  The venue for the meeting is Childline. The agenda for the meeting is the request of name change by residents of Ditimamodimo ward. For more information please contact Mr Masara at 3657542 or Toll free number at 0800 600 061.
PRESSS RELEASE GCC TO ADDRESS KGOTLA MEETINGS ON REVIEW OF NOISE AND NUISANCE BYE LAWS Gaborone City Council wishes to inform the public that it is in the process of reviewing the Noise and Nuisance bye laws and has organized kgotla meetings as a way to consult and gather suggestions from the public.  
REVIEW OF NOISE AND NUISANCE BYE LAW Gaborone City Council wishes to review the Noise and Nuisance bye law section 34 (1) which states that; - No person shall- (a)  Operate or permit to be operated any wireless, loudspeaker, gramophone, amplifier or similar instrument to the annoyance of the occupants or inmates of any premises in the neighborhood;
Gaborone City Council will on the 16th June 2016 commemorate the Day of the African Child from 08:30hrs at Old Naledi Community Hall.  The event will start off with a walk from Fairgrounds Mall to the community hall.  The guest speaker for the day will be Mr Kgomotso Jongman, Lecturer at University of Botswana.   This year’s theme is “Conflict and crisis in Africa: Protecting all Children’s Rights.” For more information contact Miss Cecilia Mothibi at 71615648.
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