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Services Description

  • Provision of Psycho Social Support (e.g. Counseling, marital disputes)
  •  Provision of Social Safety nets (e.g. social grants, school uniforms, and transport and school fees.)

 Implementation of Policies and Acts example Adoption act

 Who qualifies?

  •  Legible citizens  as determined by The Revised National Policy on Destitute Persons , Short Term Plan of Action for Orphans and Home Based Care Guidelines.
  • Community

How do you obtain the services?

  • Visit S&CD offices
  •         WDC, NGO community members or individuals make referral of the identified to S&CD office. 
  •         Assessment and recommendation by S&CD
  •         Approval by different Council Structures.
  •       Registration/enrolment

Required documents:

  •  National identity cards
  • Birth Certificates
  • Proxy for both categories. ( Motlhokomedi )

How much does a client get?

 Social grant obtained at any local stores approved by council, in the form of food basket where there is a point of sales devices

Destitute                                 =          P550.00 per month

Home based care                     =          P600.00 per month

Orphans                                   =          P650.00 per month

Children in Need of Care       =          P600.00 per month

Cash allowance obtained at the post office

P81.00 per month for Destitute Persons only.

  Where can I get the Services information?

Contact or visit the below S & CD offices and or call the toll free number (0800 600 242)

  1.      Selepa Extension area covering areas of Donga, Satellite, Coloured and Selepa (2402296)
  2.        Somerset Extension Area : Somerset Extension Area A,G,H, Chinatown (2411050 Ext 943), Minestone, Francistown Central and Area L
  3.        Monarch Extension Area covering the whole of Monarch ( Area 1- 11), Phase 6 Area S Government Camp and Pelotelele. (2403079)
  4.       Leseding Extension Area – Blue Town, Aerodrome, Riverside, Kgaphamadi, White City and Area W(2404305,)
  5.       Phase 4 Extension Area – Blocks 1-10 Molapo Estate and Somerset West. (2421729, 2406865 2411050 EXT 938)
  6.         SHAA Gerald, Kanana and Moselewapula  (2442031)
  7.      Civic centre, 2411050 Ext 918,984,974 and 920, office number 832 and 874
  8.       Public Relations Office , Office Number 833







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