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The office deals with the collection of property tax, commonly referred to as rates. Rates are charged on all rate-able properties using the under-listed bye law rates.


1. Residential developed                    1.14

2. Residential undeveloped                4.58

3. Commercial Developed                 1.43

4. Commercial undeveloped              5.72

5. Industrial Developed                     1.43

6. Industrial undeveloped                  5.72


Formula for calculation of rates         :  Total Valuation x Rate


Note: Valuation is done after every five years



Statutory instrument no 6 of 1981 provides for interest at 12% per annum on all rates unpaid three months after due date.


 The following services are offered

  • Collection of rates through issuing of invoices for that financial year (1st April – 31st March(following year))
  • Issuing of rates Clearance certificate only when rates have been fully paid
  • Issuing of confirmation letter to Building Control for plan approval
  • Change of ownership through confirmed rates clearance certificate and Title Deed.


  1. Plot no
  2. Customer Details eg Postal address and Telephone number

 Note: Customers are advised to inform our office in relation to

  • any changes in postal address and telephone number
  • in the event of change of ownership

Or in the event of the death of the plot owner

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