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Services Description

 Registration and Monitoring of Day Care Centre.

Enforce government policy on Early Childhood Care and Education.

 Who qualifies?

  •  Day Care Centre Owners.
  • Community (NGO AND CBOS)
  • Individuals and Companies/institutions. 

 How do you obtain services?

1.      Visit S& CD Office for inquiries and information.

 2.      An Inspection has to be done by the Physical Planning S & CD officer, health & environmental officer and fire department.

3.      Application forms to be completed from S&CD offices (ECCE Form 1 and 2).

 Where can I get the information?

 Contact or visit the below S & CD offices and or call the toll free number (0800 600 242)


  •       Selepa Extension area covering areas of Donga, Satellite, Coloured and Selepa(2402296)
  •       Somerset Extension Area : Somerset Extension Area A,G,H, Chinatown (2411050 Ext 943), Minestone, Francistown Central and Area L
  •        Monarch Extension Area covering the whole of Monarch (Area 1- 11), Phase 6 Area S Government Camp and Pelotelele. (2403079)
  •         Leseding Extension Area – Blue Town, Aerodrome, Riverside, Kgaphamadi, White City and Area W(2404305, 2411952)
  •        Phase 4 Extension Area – Blocks 1-10 Molapo Estate and Somerset West. (2421729, 2406865 2411050 EXT 938)
  •        SHAA Gerald, Kanana and Moselewapula  (2442031)
  •        Civic centre, 2411050 Ext 918,984,974 and 920, office number 832 and 874





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