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Nature Vital in Eradicating Poverty
Use natural resourses to eradicate poverty- Siele

Chobe District held its Poverty eradication Pitso recently at which Hon. Minister Siele officiated. Government is very concerned about some of its people who are living in abject poverty hence it has identified poverty eradication as one of its priority areas.

Though poverty is said to be on the decline, according to recent statistics, more and more people still live in deplorable conditions and this rob them of their dignity as people. “The nation cannot sit back and fold arms, we need to assist those unfortunate members of society who find themselves in an unacceptable situations of poverty, said Siele during his keynote address at the Chobe District Pitso.

Chobe is said to be one of the districts that are very rich in natural resources that could be explored to eradicate poverty and diversify the economy. Not only that, the Minister continued, the use of other natural indigenous plants such as Motsintsila, need to be fully explored citing countries like Japan and China which has done the same to uplift themselves from the chains of poverty and diversifying their economies. In addition, Chobe has a comparative advantage of fertile land that is conducive for arable farming and therefore the minister noted that all these opportunities if fully exploited by the district can enhance the economy and sustain people’s lives.

The Pitso which was held under the theme Poverty Eradication- A Key to a diversified and Sustainable Economy attracted exhibitors and other key players in the government’s drive towards poverty eradication and sustainable incomes. This is in line with Government’s initiative of economic diversification to eradicate poverty. The Minister outlined alternative packages that will be rolled out other parts of the country besides backyard gardens and these includes crafts, horticulture, laundry and catering services etc.

The purpose of the Pitso, according to Council Secretary, Ms Jeremiah was to map the way forward and come up with innovative ways on how best poverty can be uprooted in the district. Through interactions and networking, best ideas and strategies can be sought from various stakeholders to eradicate poverty.

In the end the Minister urged all to make concerted efforts for these initiatives to make the desired impact on people’s lives and also implored the youth of the region to stand and make use of opportunities available for them as “mokoduwe go tsoswa oo itekang”. He also mentioned the engagement of Bogosi on poverty eradication as they have a solid foundation on nation building and community mobilization for development.

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