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A noise and nuisanse permit is a permit given to a customer who intend to play an audio or sound producing instrument for either entertainment, private parties, political rallies, public announcement etc.

How do i apply for the service.

What you need for this permit is as follows:

  1. Letter to Council Secretary requesting for a noise and nuisance permit
  2. Stipulate date and venue where the permit will be used

3.    Produce a copy of your identy card or passport (if you are non-citizen)

4.    You must be a person of full legal capacity i.e

  • you must be male or female of sound mind.
  • You must be major( 16 years and above).

NB: Council bye-laws only allow noise from 07:30 to 22:00 hours

Cost of the service

We offer noise and nuisance permit for free (this is subject to review).

Where do i get more information

Customers can inquire from first floor,kasane bus rank . OR the public relations office number 26 at rural administration centre OR call the Council toll free number 0800 600 875.

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