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Fire Department is responsible/mandated with the responsibility of fighting fires and emergency response of saving lives, providing emergency medical services to road traffic accident casualties.

How to I obtain the service

Customers must report all the emergencies though an emergency no.998 or direct line soon to be made available to them.

Cost involved in obtaining the service

Emergency calls are responded to free of charge


 Public Education

Fire department is responsible for all fire prevention and public education. The Fire department has a duty to inspect all business premises and all government that are places of work. The purpose of the fire inspection is to make sure that all premises are provided with fire fighting facilities and to make sure that all places people work in are safe for the occupants.

Cost involved in obtaining the service

Fire prevention and public education are provided for free of charge


C. Fire Inspections

 Inspection required for a trading licence

All the business owners are required to have a fire inspection report for acquisition and renewal of a trading licence. The fire report indicates to the licensing authority that the business has provided fire fighting facilities.

D. Plan Perusal

The fire department and fire is a member of a Council Building Control Committee that is responsible for plan perusal. In the committee the Fire department advices on matters of safety and provision of fire plans.

Where can I get the information?

Customers can acquire information from Fire Department Offices, at the Fire Control Room, or call Council’s toll free number 0800 600 875

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