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Chobe District Council considers and grants planning permission monthly for developments in the district especially in Kasane-Kazungula Planning Area, through the SHHA and Physical Planning Committee. All developments requires planning permission and building permit before commencement in accordance to Town and Country Planning Act CAP: 32:09

 1.     How to apply

 Required documents on submission of application

(i)    Location Plan – drawn to sufficient scale with prominent uses/development to serve as a guide to identify the site showing the land to which the application relates

(ii)    Site Plan – drawn to scale not less than 1:500


a)     Boundaries of the land and any adjoining plot and any road fronting or adjoining those plots and its name and width

b)     Position of any existing or proposed buildings on the land

c)      Position of any existing or proposed boreholes, septic tanks, cesspits or cesspools or pit latrines, drains sewers or other sewage disposal plant on the land

d)     Position and width of any existing or proper means or access to any road from the land

e)     Set back from the building to all plot boundaries and the distance in relation to any existing development on site


(iii)    Building Plans (*4 copies) – to scale not less than 1:100 showing;

a)     Plan of each floor and the proposed use of each space

b)    Elevation of all sides of the building

c)    At least on section through the building giving all necessary information on type of construction and building materials to be used


(iv)   Copy of land lease/ title Deed

(v)   A letter with reasons for change/subdivision (in case of application for change use/ subdivision)


(vi)   There  is a perusal fee paid on submission of every application and it is determined by the floor area of the proposed development, as indicated below;

(vii)   Floor Area                                      Perusal Fee

(viii)   0 – 50m2                                       BWP20.00

(ix)    51 – 150m2                                    BWP50.00

(x)     151 – 500m2                                  BWP150.00

(xi)    501 – 2000m2                                BWP500.00


2.     Payment of perusal fees

(i)    If all documents in (1) above are complete, perusal fees is paid at Revenue Office, of Chobe District Council

(ii) Payment can be made in cash or bank guaranteed cheque in favor of Council

3.   Applications are presented to a Council SHHA & Physical Planning Committee, made up of sitting councilors.

(i)    Committee sit every first week of the month

(ii) Considers applications and make decisions

(iii)  Recommends others application to Town and Country Planning Board as per the TCPA CAP.32:09


4.      Decision of the Committee is communicated to the applicant within seven days

5.      Applicants may collect approved plans any time after receipt of letter granting them planning and building permit

6.      Applicant may commence development with services from council offered on request


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