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Labour Inspection
Routine Labour Inspection

Here the labour inspector schedules the intended labour inspection:

  • Notify the employer about the intended inspection – about the date and time (where it is without prejudice to the quality of the inspection).
  • The inspector will then visit the workplace.
  • Interview the employer /employer’s representative and the employees/employee’s representative in separate meetings.
  • Meet both parties in one session.
  • Offer relevant advice and/or information orally and inform the parties about the written report. (When and how it will reach them.)
  • Write the report.
  • The report is checked by relevant authorities.
  • Send the report to the employer and the employees or representatives of the parties.
  • Set a follow up date.
  • Conduct a follow up labour inspection as per the above mentioned procedure.
Spot Check

The spot checks are normally done in response to reports received from various stake holders. These reports are usually very urgent and critical. The reports can be of non citizens working without work permits, discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment or general ill treatment in the work place. If you are experiencing any of the above, do the following:

  • Contact the nearest Labour Office.
  • Ask for a labour inspector
  • Inform the officer of your concerns/grievances/complaints.
  • Your identity will remain anonymous unless you are willing to divulge it
  • Your concerns will be entered into a register
  • You will then be informed about the possible dates of inspection

Then the assigned Labour Inspector will do the following;

  • Receive the report
  • Visit the workplace
  • Address the issues of concern. (they may/may not have to conduct a full inspection)
  • Advice the parties or charge them or refer the matter to the relevant officials. Eg Police, council e.t.c.
  • Prepare a report
  • Send copies to the employer and employee or their representatives.
  • Conduct a follow up inspection.

As a department we also keep on conducting spot checks on certain undertaking for various reasons.

Industrial Action Labour Inspection

An Industrial Action means a lock out, a strike or action short of strike in furtherance of trade dispute. The Industrial Action can be perceived or existing. Industrial actions come in various forms. These can be violent or peaceful. When you believe an Industrial Action is taking place in any workplace act as follows;

  • Contact the nearest Labour office
  • Request for a Labour Inspector
  • Give a detailed account of the situation:

            o        Location

            o        What is happening etc.

Then the assigned Labour Inspector will visit the concerned workplace immediately. The mode of intervention is therefore usually governed by the state of the industrial action and issues involved. At times the Police can also be involved in order to arrest the situation.

In a nutshell the role of Labour Inspectors in an industrial action is to facilitate the peaceful resolution of differences in the workplace.

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