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Employment of Non-Citizens
Information for Employers

This act regulates the employment and other engagement in occupations for reward or profit of certain persons who are not citizens of Botswana and provide for matters incidental thereto.

Non-citizens employed by the Government of Botswana and certain volunteers are not covered by this Act.

No non-citizen shall engage in any occupation for reward or profit unless he/she is the holder of a work permit issued to him under this Act permitting him to be employed or holds of a certificate of exemption issued under this Act.

The Botswana government recognizes the benefits of engaging expatriate skills where there is a shortage of those particular skills in the labour market. Citizens stand to benefit by being trained and mentored.

Applying For a Permit
  • Complete the relevant Form to apply to a job that has been advertised.
  • Process the payment through the employer.
  • Attach the necessary documents as outlined below.
  • Send the application Forms together with the attachments, preferably through the employer, to the District Labour Office. Applications for Exemptions should be sent to the Commissioner of Labour.
  • Forms will be processed within 14 days of the date of delivery to the office of the Commissioner of Labour and Social Security.
Application for Appeals

An applicant aggrieved by the rejection of an application for a work permit, renewal or exemption certificate may within 30 days of the letter of rejection appeal to the National Immigrants Selection Board (NISB) and thereby attaching the following:

  • Appeal Form

            o        Letter that explains the grounds for the appeal

            o        Prescribed fee

            o        Copy of the letter of rejection.

            o        If dissatisfied with the outcome of the NISB, an applicant can further appeal to the Minister by following a similar procedure.

  • Necessary Documents

            o        Form 15 : Application for Work and Residence Permit – completed by both employer’s or worker’s applications in duplicate.

            o        Form 10: Exemption Form – Only to be completed by applications for short-term work of contracts of six weeks or less

            o        Form 4: Exemption Form – Only to be completed by exempted volunteers, mission workers, members of the clergy, employees of exempted organizations/ occupations, and directors granted the status of Permanent Residents.

  • Letters

            o        Covering letter from the employer confirming offer of employment.

            o        Employee’s (applicant) acceptance letter and application letter

            o        At lest 3 references written within the last 12 months

  • Other

            o        Copy of advert written within the last 6 months

            o        Copies of Certificates of relevant academic achievements

            o        Receipt or Proof of payment of the necessary fees.

            o        Copy of Passport

            o        2 passport size photos

            o        Curriculum Vitae

            o        Relevant Clearance Certificates, i.e. for Teachers - a BOTA accredited certificate, for Footballers – a BFA approved certificate.

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